VPR Platinum 120AH

The Expion360 VPR uses Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) as its battery chemistry. LiFePO4 chemistry is considered a top choice for high energy density, dependability, and safety for RV use or other applications. The VPR has the most capacity (120Ah) in the smallest footprint (Group 24 Size) with a unique serviceable battery management system (BMS) in the RV lithium battery industry. Expion360 also produces bus bars and cables to parallel connect the VPR to double their capacity and discharge rate while maintaining a nominal voltage of 12.0V.

Replaceable BMS:

The VPR has a replaceable BMS located behind the front panel. The BMS is designed to be the protective link between the individual lithium cells contained within the VPR. If damaged, the BMS can be replaced easier, and with less expense, than the lithium cells.

LED Indicator Light:

  • A solid green indicator light means the battery is operating normally.

  • When the light is blinking red, this is a warning light status. 

  • When the BMS is in full protection state there will be No LED warning light on.

  • To reset the BMS and status light to green, connect the VPR PowerMod to a shore charger as if charging.

VPR Manual Download
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