Expion360 VPR platinum custom 360 lithium battery.

VPR 4EVER Platinum | Custom 360 Lithium Battery

Engineered with LiFePo4 chemistry, an advanced lithium technology that optimizes power and performance, the VPR 4EVER Platinum Custom 360 battery is available in 360Ah version. You’ll be able to charge faster, stay longer and go further with this ultimate RV/Marine power upgrade.

  • Capacity: 360Ah
  • Weight: 98 lbs
  • Dimensions: 14.8" X 13" X 10.4"

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Models & Specifications

Capacity 360Ah
Weight 98 lbs
Dimensions 14.8" X 13" X 10.4"
Price $3999

LiFePO4 Technology

The gold standard in lithium chemistry, LiFePO4 ensures peak performance.

12 Year Warranty

Industry leading warranty keeps you covered for the long run.

American Power

Designed, engineered and distributed in the USA.

Offset Terminal Design, Reduced Chance of Cross Polarity.
Advanced Tie Down with No Slip Snap and Screw Technologyt.
Man playing golf next to golf cart powered by Expion360 lithium batteries.
Impact resistant corners and shock absorbing rubber feet.

Why Expion360 Lithium?

Created for optimal performance and to withstand the toughest environments Expion360 batteries are world class. Where others use foam, thin plastic and hot glue, we use structural no-shift construction, reinforced premium ABS and solid mechanical connections with minimal soldering.

Expion360 lithium battery key features
  1. Cold Weather Disconnect with Auto Reset
  2. Offset Terminal Design, Reduced Chance of Cross Polarity
  3. Advanced Tie Downs with No Slip Snap & Screw Technology
  4. Utility Grade Case Made with Premium Fiberglass Reinforced ABS
  5. Impact Resistant Corners and Shock Absorbing Rubber Feet
  6. Premium Internal Components with Minimal Solder Joints and Thick Copper Plates
  7. Only Grade A UL Listed Cells That Meet Strict Voltage Guidelines

6x Life Cycle

Six fold the lifetime of your battery investment.

6x Discharge Power

Power bigger appliances and more of them.

3x Faster Recovery

Charge faster, save time and move further.

65% Lighter

Lighten your load to improve handling and mpg.

* comparisons are to traditional lead acid batteries

What Makes Expion360 the Best Choice in Lithium Batteries?

Designed and Engineered in America — We design and oversee all aspects of our lithium batteries with special attention to the smallest of details. Expion360 is the right choice where quality meets price.

Lithium Cells — We source only the highest-grade lithium cells in the world for unparalleled reliability. All lithium cells used in production are fully listed and meet UL1642 standard (UL File #MH64383).

Box Design — From concept to commodity, our usage of color and texture are a hallmark of our innovative box design that completely changes the scope of the industry. The X, Y & Z axis within the interior space are structurally secured with molded ribs rather than foam filler that is found in most of our competitors. We only use the highest-grade ABS plastics and infuse 10% glass fill into our mil-spec battery case that meet UL-94 VO for fire retardant rating. First in the industry to have rubber feet built-in on every battery box, this feature aides in the elimination of vibration and sliding issues. Radiused corners heighten the appearance and strengthen the edges for a sleek and sophisticated profile. Polarity Pads — Our oversized polarity pads are 96.7% larger than a standard terminal. This forward-thinking design increases the strength and structural integrity by allowing better heat dissipation and a 19% increase in current carrying capacity. Opposing polarity pads aid in mounting flexibility and reduced cross polarity dangers.

Cell Pack — We have eliminated nearly all solder points within our interior pack design. Because mechanical connections are the most efficient way to transfer power and reduce resistance and heat buildup, all cells are securely welded via thick copper/tin machined collector plates. The collector plates in our design are thicker than the industry norm and press broke at each end to create a mechanical backbone to connect to the BMS substrate. High-grade wire, ring terminals, and heat shrink are generously used throughout the interior. All terminal connections are treated with an industrial epoxy for long-lasting corrosion protection and locked-in durability.

BMS (Battery Management System) — “Smart” is at the heart of our BMS design with an abundance of features. For the cold weather enthusiast, we have built in a low-temp discharge and charge auto-shutoff. Low and high voltage cutouts, short circuit protection, and overcurrent disconnect are also managed by our intelligent BMS. While others may overlook the safety importance of structurally securing the BMS board, our process incorporates a bolted design that creates one cohesive pack. The addition of terminal connections and an oversized heatsink increase the reliability of our BMS to give years of trouble-free performance.

Customer Service — Top tier support is what you can expect. Our live US based industry experts are available M-F 8-5 PST. Our associates are trained in lithium technology and the integration required to make a system operate at peak performance.

Warranty — We are so confident with our designs and construction techniques that we have backed our batteries with an industry-leading, 12-year warranty!